How Mobile Coupons Work At One Loyalty Network

According to Forbes magazine, “right now, mobile is a great deal for marketers as supply is much greater than demand.  Jumping in early, when the costs to test are so low, is the right time to engage in mobile. As marketers, we are supposed to “go where the consumers are and get there first” and consumers are looking to their mobile device for shopping, searching, entertainment, and socializing and brand interaction. Often, the challenge is resourcing to manage the program; however, from a testing perspective, now is the time to engage.”

This infographic serves as a visual of how mobile marketing works at One Loyalty Network for the merchant. With the implementation of our rewards program you can push all of your messages to multiple social media outlets and drive revenue.

Mobile Coupons Final2 with fixed screen

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4 Most Important Aspects of a Text Message Marketing Service

One Loyalty Network Mobile Marketing Plan

Once you’ve made the decision that your company needs to implement a mobile marketing strategy, you need to educate yourself on the most important aspects of a text message marketing service. SMS/MMS marketing allows you to moderate your marketing campaigns from the convenience of your computer. It is important that you choose a software company that enables you to convey your message without any confusion.

The four most important aspects of a text message marketing service are features, reporting, ease of use, and support.

1. Features
This is the bread and butter of text marketing services. It is not enough for the application to just send regular text messages to the mass. You need a solution that will encourage sharing offer to friends and redeemable buttons so that ROI can be controlled. Using more image based offers like MMS [multimedia solution] verse basic SMS [Short Message Service] increases the redemption process. Seeing an offer a piece of cheese cake is so much more appealing then reading about one.

2. Reporting
Marketing is effective only if you are able to monitor and gauge results. An effective mobile marketing service provides you with resources to track data like keyword responses, redemption and delivery rates. Sending text messages without the ability to track response will not give you the opportunity to reevaluate your campaigns and make needed changes to achieve success.

3. Ease of Use
Naturally, a mobile marketing service needs to be easy to use. The overall purpose of this application should be to make your life easier while at the same time increasing the reach and effectiveness of your marketing strategies. We have examined the best mobile marketing services to ensure that not only is the interface easy to comprehend, but that it is also highly navigable. It does a person little good when they cannot figure out how to send a message through the service.

4. Help & Support
While SMS/MMS marketing services tend to be easy and intuitive, there is still the chance you’ll encounter an issue or find yourself unable to create an effective campaign. Support should be available with a sales rep or a mobile consultant. Connecting via phone, email and live chat should also be available to deal with any immediate needs you may have. But the best services will also provide online documentation and even video tutorials.

An effective SMS/MMS marketing solution should be able to achieve a balance in each of these areas. The focus of whichever product you choose shouldn’t just be on how many texts you can send out before you hit your monthly limit. Instead, you should focus on what your text messages will be able to accomplish with this service. The best text message marketing service will help you in this effort.


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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Promotions Strategy


Consumers are always on the move, which makes it harder than ever to catch their attention with traditional marketing efforts like billboards, commercials and ads. SMS/MMS marketing offers the solution to this dilemma and enables the merchant to moderate marketing campaigns from the convenience of a computer. After the implementation of a mobile marketing platform, the merchant has an easily accessible way for their customers to see their promotions. Getting a deal can now be as easy as scanning a barcode from the One Loyalty Network app on the customer phone, or entering a simple SMS short code to redeem the offer at the cash register.

Here are the 3 reasons that your business needs a mobile promotions strategy:

1. An independent study by Google revealed that 70% of shoppers use their smart phones while shopping. This groundbreaking study displays the significance of having a strong mobile marketing campaign. Smart phone users are expected to outnumber desktop users and it is important that your business is ready to take on this change.
2. It is convenient for the costumer. Today’s customers are captivated by the immediacy and personal nature of mobile communication.
3. It allows the merchant to convey a specific message to interested consumers. Devices offer multiple avenues for interaction through social media connections, on-device apps, and SMS/MMS text messaging. With these services you can not only manage contact lists, but track response rates These web based services make it easier than ever to manage and launch your mobile marketing campaigns.

Consider a chain food store in the St Louis area called Schnucks
Through a simple opt-in process, Schnucks uses a platform-based mobile marketing solution to build relationships with their customers:
Every week their customers receive 8 picture to phone coupons that are different from their standard sales flyers. As their mobile database grows so will the offers. It will only be a matter of time that food stores will move away from printed sales flyers to offers via mobile.

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